Run a Workshop or Panel

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In addition to games, TryItCon is aiming to offer a number of workshops and panels.

Panels have no attendance limit and may or may not be interactive. Some panels you may wish to run:

  • 10 things you wish everyone knew about the history or setting of your favorite game
  • Advice for first time GMs for that game you like
  • A short pitch for a game you wish more people played
  • Advice on how to include a certain cultural or group perspective in a game
  • Information on introducing common genre tropes into any game
  • A really high level walk through of the systems for a game

Workshops have an attendance limit and are more interaction-heavy. Some workshops you may wish to run:

  • A detailed walk through of the systems of a game where people can ask questions and probably go through an example
  • Helping GMs troubleshoot issues they have with a particular genre
  • Guiding GMs in making a basic story for a setting you like
  • Anything where you think the best experience is you plus maybe four to six people