So how does this work?

TryItCon has a small number of fixed panels and events, the rest will be based on participant interest. If a bunch of people are interested in trying Mummy the Resurrection, we’ll try to find someone to run it. If a bunch of people are interested in learning how to run Exalted combat, we’ll try to find someone to present it.

We will be taking game requests until April 5th. We’ll then spend some time finding panelists and storytellers and with then publish a schedule within two weeks and open sign ups. Once the schedule is released, new events may still be added so be sure to check back. Event participation will be done through and will go like a normal convention.

Where did the idea come from?

Two things:

  1. Unconferences are popular in the tech space where there’s no pre-planned schedule. The day starts with people requesting and offering games and then a schedule is made and things are moved around based on popularity.
  2. A lot of online conventions have like…1,500 5e or Pathfinder session, four games of like V5 and then rando other stuff. We wanted to run a convention about that rando other stuff.  

Why no liveplays?

TryItCon believes the best way to get into a game is to actually try it. Our “Sponsors” page has a number of liveplays and actual plays run by our game masters.

Who is running this?

TryItCon is being put only by a bunch of dorks that like Onyx Path Games but a lot of other ones too. We are in no way formally affiliated with The Onyx Path, White Wolf Game Studios, Paradox Interactive or any other publisher or IP holder. We just like their games and want to help people have a chance to play them.