Registration opens Thursday, April 22nd around noon EDT. Buy a badge ahead of time here.

Event Submissions are now open. If you’d like to run a game, panel, or workshop, submit something here

TryItCon is an online convention dedicated to the idea that there are great games yet to try, great people yet to be met, and great ideas yet to be learned. The staff consists of several long-time RPG community members who think that everyone should try something new on both sides of the game master screen.


The programming for the event is run in three tracks:

Virtual Gaming Sessions – Here you have an opportunity to run a game or to play in one. We encourage players to try a game they’ve not played before and for game masters to run something in some way new. That can be for new people, in a new setting, or in a new system. All variants are welcome.

Gaming Workshops – These are small group sessions where participants will leave with something useful to use at their gaming table like a completed character, the start of a story, or a working knowledge of a game system.

Gaming Panels – Larger sessions where participants can learn about new games, get help with specific gaming questions or just hear what’s going on in the RPG industry.


Unlike most events where the convention staff sets the events, TryItCon works backwards from what panelists want to run and from what attendees want to see. If a bunch of people all request trying Mummy the Resurrection or Night’s Black Agents, we’ll try to find someone to run it. Likewise, if someone pitches an interesting session on how to incorporate modern number theory in urban fantasy games, we’ll try and help that person find an audience.

Once the sign-ups go live, we’ll have a submission period of about 30 days to see what the community wants. We’ll then scramble to put together a target schedule, check back with GMs, and publish the schedule at least 21 days before the event. We will still take requests and submissions once that happens.