The Onyx Path is running some meaty discounts for TryItCon which is generally a fiction anthology and a jumpstart for $1.99

60% off Haunting Shadows and Handbook for the Recently Deceased
60% off Yours to Keep and the C20 Changeling Anthology
67% off Death is Not the End and One Foot in the Grave
71% off Legacies of Lies and The Cainite Conspiracies
72% off the phone PDF, Vinsen’s Tomb and Tales of Good Dogs
70% off Hearts on Trial and the Huntsman Anthology
60% off Reap the Whirlwind and the Strix Chronicle Anthology


TryItCon is looking for partner organizations to provide three things:

  • Promotions – Help get out the word about our event
  • Materials – Provide free materials to game masters and free or discounted materials to players
  • Programming – Run two events whether they be game sessions, workshops, or full panels (providing all presenters except a moderator)

If you’d like to be listed as a sponsor, contact us at If you wish to provide a logo, please note it’ll be resized to no more than 300px square. 


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